Alexandra Lainfiesta is an acclaimed professional actor, singer and playwright. Originally from Guatemala, Alexandra performs both in English and Spanish.


Alexandra has worked with some of Canada's most prominent theatre companies.


Alexandra in leading and supporting roles.


Alexandra is represented by Jason Ainslie at Principals Talent Agency.

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Born and raised in Guatemala, Alexandra immigrated to Canada shortly after turning 19 to pursue professional training in the performing Arts. She came to this country completely on her own, with a basic grasp of the English language, not knowing who Shakespeare was, with very little knowledge of theatre history and no training whatsoever in singing or acting. She pushed herself to learn in a second language and to excel in it by expressing herself with eloquence and honesty. She overcame all limitations that come with being an immigrant and the constant uphill battle of obtaining visas, permits, and extension of permits, over and over again, never giving up, and always handling the several obstacles that have fallen into her path with unusual clear-headedness and a determination to reach her goals. Along with the help of several communities coming together, Alexandra fundraised year after year in order to pay for her schooling and in 2010 she graduated from The Canadian College of Performing Arts and from Studio 58 in 2015. Two years shortly after graduating, Alexandra was awarded her first Jessie Richardson Award for Best Lead Role. The only Latina to be given this award. She was also invited to join The Stratford Festival of Canada’s acting company in 2018 playing her first major role in a Shakespeare Production and the role of Assunta in the highly acclaimed production of Napoli Milionaria! In 2019 Alexandra was awarded what was deemed impossible to many: her Permanent Residency to Canada under the self-employed category solely as a theatre artist. Alexandra’s trajectory since arriving in Canada is a clear demonstration of her passion and commitment to her industry and her craft. Alexandra never forgets where she comes from and in 2019 she co-hosted the event “Breaking Borders” where immigrants took the mic to perform and raise funds to cover legal expenses for BC immigrants who are artists and need financial support in order to immigrate to Canada. Alexandra also started a bursary for immigrant students attending the Studio 58 acting program and in 2018 she helped co-produce The Killjoy Play Series which developed and produced three new works by women and non-binary writers. In just twelve years, Alexandra has established herself as a leading artist in Canada and will soon be earning her MFA in writing from the University of Victoria. She has been invited as a guest speaker to CCPA, a mentor and a teaching artist working specifically with youth of colour for Bard on The Beach and and educator for Stratford Education. Alexandra co-founded the Canadian Latinx Theatre Artist Coalition, serving its members since its inception in 2019. She co-produced the video series called “Trayectos” where Latinx voices are placed at the forefront of storytelling, directing one of the videos titled “We Are Here” which celebrates Latinx artists across Canada.

2022 Jessie Richardson Award Winner for Best Performance in a Lead Role
2022 Lieutenant Governor General Music and Art’s Award Recipient
2017 Jessie Richardson Award winner for best performance in a lead role
"I dedicate the heart and the hard work I put in my career to those who have supported me throughout my journey in Guatemala and Canada. Gracias to those who spent time helping me build my craft, to those who believed in me, to those friends who became family in a country I had never been to before, and especially to my family in Guatemala who know the sacrifices of what it is to be far away and have to miss the treasured moments. My deepest gratitude goes to my mama, Ana, a single mother of two, who against all odds, remained strong, optimistic and always full of life.”
Alexandra Lainfiesta

Alexandra is also creating a legacy of authentic Latinx work. She wrote her first short Cracked Open, currently in post-production and has been awarded the Silver Commission from The Arts Club Theatre Company for her first full length play Bella Luz, emphasizing immigrant queer Latinx narratives. She was just recently awarded her second Jessie Richardson Award for Best Lead Role for her portrayal of Adriana in Neworld Theatre’s world premiere of “Clean/Espejos” making it the first time any artist has won this award for their portrayal of a character completely done in a foreign language. Alexandra spoke entirely in Spanish for this multi-award winning production. Alexandra is also the first Latina to serve in EQUITY Council for the BC/YUKON region. You can catch Alexandra this year in The Stratford Festival’s production of “The Miser” opening August 26th, 2022.


Later that same year, Alexandra moved to Stratford, Ontario to attend the Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre at the Stratford Festival. A job Alexandra booked after crashing the auditions in Vancouver. Since 2018 Alexandra has been a member of the acting company at The Stratford Festival of Canada, where in 2019 she was nominated by her peers for a Tanya Moiseiwitsch Award. In 2020, Alexandra portrayed the role of Carolita in Carmen Aguirre’s highly acclaimed world premiere “Anywhere But Here," the first time in Canadian history that a Latinx work premieres on a major stage in Canada. Alexandra is also a proud co-founder and member of The Canadian Latinx Theatre Artist Coalition based in Vancouver and the founder of “The Glorian MacDewellis Award” which is the only bursary given to an International Student attending the acting program at Studio 58. An award named after the five people who immensely supported and encouraged Alexandra to believe in her dreams as a young immigrant in Canada.

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Alexandra Lainfiesta

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